Website Customization

Website Customization is most desirable aspect that every user wants. This customization feature gives a full control over an existing products or service to user and enabling the customer to make it in their own prescribed way.
We create this feature to transfer whole control in the user’s hand they can change interface, move and hide elements, create personal choices according their want on digital products, Applications and on websites too. It gives the users the ability to choose between what they want and what they don’t or when they want. In Blue Brain Technologies we consider customer satisfaction above everything and we do work accordingly. In here, our experts of technical arena carefully enlist your needs of your business and then start working on it to create a perfect deliverance to you.

Why choose Website Customization to upgrade your business status:

  1. Better CTA Modification

    Through Website customization CTA (Call-to-action) is a great move to initiate a final conversion in a personalized way. Customized CTA gives you a benefit to tackle your user’s need easily than before. It create a distinct between new visitors and the regular one. It will not pop up the sign up message to the frequent user, instead of that it offer them to take products demonstration.

  2. More Attention to customer

    Customization with website built up the relationship with customers more trustful and strong. It helps you use every tool to make your website more attractive & welcoming that will drag the customer’s response and ease the interaction. It show your care to your user and make them believe that you are the only one who can help them with a suitable solution.

  3. Reduce frequent E-Mails

     By the use of website customization, you can easily and quickly sort visitors into different categories according to their need which help you to send them customized mail according to their requirements. The mail you sent your users are highly relevant to complete the virtuous circle. By just click the mail, user get on the webpage of your website to meet with customized content tailored to their needs. Thus, you can help your customers to avoid too many irritating marketing mail.

  4. Increase website Engagement

    High engagement on websites are majorly demanding aspect. Through customization one can increase the engagement of user on website. The customization helps the website to analyze the past history of user & will able to send relevant pop-up or messages to users of their interest. It a nature to get explore more which look familiar to us. If users get what they really want and searching for while they will stay longer and explore your website for more content and may also recommend to other interested users.

  5. Time has it All

    Time management is the key to get your business on track or get gold from garbage. Promote your business at the right time will turn to a massive outcome. Like at the end of winters, displaying the board of ‘Sale’ on the rest of the winter’s clothes to make it count and remove it just after the sale is end. Work on perfect timing boost up your business with just little effort.