Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway (PG) is an online payment tunnel that connects your bank account to that platform where you need to transfer your money. Mostly Payment Gateway services are featured in E-Commerce websites where buyers can easily pay out money to seller. This PG is software that allows selling from any location in this whole world and conducting online money transaction through different modes such as Net Banking, UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card and many other money wallet that are available in these days. The team of experts in Blue Brain Technologies creates Payment Gateway with the focus on securing the sensitive information given by the users during the payment process. We ensure the security of card and bank detail by encrypting the data. We use PCI-DSS compliance which allows user to safe their personal data in portal or gateway to make payment in future. It safeguard your card and bank details on the Application and make it secure from any cyber security threat.

Payment gateway helps you with several benefits such as:

  1. Secure Process

    Online Payments are at higher risk of breaching security and leak sensitive information data but payment gateway is a secure with PCI standard are reliable and easily accessible to use. It keeps the data safe and secure also protect merchants from heavy fees.

  2. Saving Time

    In the technology driven world no one wants to waste their time in doing any sluggish or overrated job. Going bank for Transferring money in your bank account is the old one: Payment gateway makes it a time saving procedure. You can transfer your money with a click on your mobile phone from one place to another.

  3. Quick action

    Payment gateway is a portal of online transaction which is in the trend that saves time without any hustle. Manual payment methods have a lot of issues such as insufficient funds or payment by cheque take time for the verification process and many more. Payment gateway makes it fast and speedy also ensures all the transactions get verified on the spot.

  4. Fraud management

    Payment gateway secured online payments from fraudster. It limits the potential fraud by blocking several IP address form suspicious countries. The CAPTCHA before payment also differentiate human from malicious attempt. The CAPTCHA is different combination of images or numbers or small and big letter. Identifying the correct combination which is asked by computer verified to get accessed. Receiving payments before purchase will reduce the risk of fake and bounced cheque. Payment gateway protects you and your customer with money scam and increase trust and reliability.

  5. ACH payment

    The ACH (Automated Clearing House) system is allowed by banks for sending and receiving money electronically or online. Different kind of payment like, Bill payment, B2B money transaction and e-commerce payment will be accepted by ACH that helps the merchant to use this portal for their business.