MVC Framework

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller, is an architectural or software design patter that separate an application into three main logical components such as: Model, View and Controller. Each one of the component has a specific work to create aspects to an application. MVC Framework make easy to create huge application and also it create any kind of application or software in any programming language. It’s one of the most frequently used web development framework, which matches to industry standard, to create scalable & extensive project. Blue Brain Technologies has a bunch of experienced and skilled tech-guys who take care of all technical stuff and provide you hustle free service. We provide MVC framework to ease and fast your application development process and also updating function. Through MVC Framework it becomes easier to multiple developers to collaborate and work together and it makes debugging easier too.

Using MVC framework during app development we offer our customer these advantages:

  1. Faster Development Process

    During web application development we use MVC model to faster the development process. MVC work simultaneously on two different logics. One program will run over VIEW and another will over CONTROL to create the business logic of Web Application. It completed the development three times faster than using other development pattern.

  2. Aid multiple View

    As the development process works on separate data and two different logics, it benefits to face less duplication of code. The separation of view model enable to user interface to display multiple view of the same data at the same time.

  3. SEO Friendly Application

    Web development is futile without SEO friendly platform. MVC framework provides easy development of SEO friendly URL to generate more traffic & increase website engagement. MVC framework will integrate with scripting language Java to develop feature rich Web application.

  4. Support Non-parallel Technique

    MVC Framework integrates with JavaScript to make the application which support PDF files, Site-Specific Browser and Desktop Appliances. MVC model also support Asynchronous technique which helps developers to build an application that load very fast.