Mobility (Hybrid & Native)

Mobility is a service that provides you a satisfied marketing result through Mobile applications. Agree or not Mobile Apps are the easiest way to grab attention of peoples because they prefer spending more time on Mobile rather than other place like visiting an actual shop. Mobile device not only ease our life but revolutionized industries in different sectors. In the term of productivity and growth in business mobility has placed itself in one of the most important factors whether it is Hybrid mobility App or Native.
Blue Brain Technologies works to expand your business growth above your expectation and give our clients a peace of mind to enhance their business ideas. We free them from every marketing issue and handled it at ease with our marketing experts. We conduct every competitive analysis before landing page to avoid poorly features that user have negatively reviewed before. We work accordingly as per clients requirement and what good for their business & revenue.

Hybrid Mobility

Hybrid mobility or Mobile Application will leverage cross-platform capabilities and use on-code base to cover multiple platforms. Molded in native container, hybrid apps are created with special framework to enable the hustle free interaction between application interface and Smartphone in-built native features and its hardware.

Benefits of Hybrid Mobility:

  1. Hybrid framework allow a single version development for multiple platform and save money.

  2. Users of hybrid apps experience fluid native feel even after shifting from one device platform to another.

  3. Hybrid Mobility are spruce and sophisticated to merge with OS device without much overhead to enable the creation ideas in developers to do some innovative with hybrid development and grab great attention from targeted audience.

  4. Hybrid apps are always run quickly on device screen even when there is a lot of traffic on application.

  5. Hybrid apps are more welcoming apps than any other because of it un-compromised operation and graphic on each platform.

Native Mobility

Native Mobility development use platform specific language like JavaScript & C. native App constantly connected with mobile GPs, camera, Storage Files, Contacts, Personal Profile, Calendar and other in-built features. This will offer logical user experience & quick performance.

Benefits of Native Mobility:

  1. Native App user data is fetched from web and work with device’s built-in-features makes it speedy.

  2. Native App work even after there is no signal or connectivity on your mobile phone.

  3. Native Applicative provide a recognizable feel in every mobile because of its similarity with in-built device on phone.

  4. Many applications collapse or misbehave upon changing the device size and shape. Native Apps have better control over the orientation size and resolution of the Application.