KIOSK & Touch Screen is an input device kept in special container that functions through physical touch on screen. It works like a mouse pointer, simply touch on display screen user can perform various task. Touch screen kiosk allow the user to navigate the way according to the information using touch technology by user. Modern information kiosk includes Wi-Fi capability & 3G connectivity which makes it more attractive and also built with protective face panel using Perspex and toughened glass. We the team of Blue Brain Technologies believes in providing good customer service to ensure that consumer or visitor experienced good quality service every time they visit us. Here, we are able to provide kiosk & touch screen service in every possible effective area like marketing, sales, advertising and public relation.

Kiosk and touchscreen system

KIOSK & Touch Screen benefits you to accelerate you company in marketing field

  1. Reduce business cost

    Touch Screen KIOSK eliminate the need of large number of employees in customer service team and save the money of salary and other expenses that you are investing on your employees. It helps customers to focus on those works that are essential to the operation. A self service KIOSK will function as alternate to the employees and freeing up money.

  2. Boost Employee Satisfaction

    Touch Screen KIOSK eliminate sluggish task from desk performed by employees and step forward with efficiency to work and improve job satisfaction among employees. KIOSK operate business at peak efficiency and devote work its efforts where it can be more beneficial and make other employees feel more accomplished at the end if the day.

  3. Allow Real Time Communication

    Digital KIOSK allow you to update information in real time, the update you made here will be shown to your customer in real time. It also improves the communicating channel between you and your customer. You are likely to change building directory or would like to announce flash sale you just have to put it on your KIOSK panel by revising your display from your office or home and reach out to your targeted audience.

  4. Secure Customer Privacy

    Digital KIOSK makes help customer to feel safer while purchasing because it can do so without having involve others in the transaction. They will create a private presence to customer while taking advantages of your goods and service, and make safe & secure passage. This will help both buyer and purchaser.

  5. Increase Sale

    Increasing sale in one of the most important and beneficial aspects that one can take. Touch Screen KIOSK may help to exaggerate your products to your customers which push customer to buy more products than their need. This will show special promotion, discount, bundled package offer and other seductive offers along with those which may be related to your needs to consumer that they cannot avoid.

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