Domain & Hosting

A service that allows any organization or any individuals to host a website onto internet called Domain hosting or Web hosting. We provide web hosting service to our client on a very wide arch. We help to provide you a domain name also if clients didn’t have it along with FTP access which helps to upload files from your local computer to web server. And one more, online website creation tool, word press support which conveniently creates and manage website through powerful blogging and content. Not just web hosting, we avail our client many other helpful services like script debuting, email not able to send or receive, domain name renewal at your doorstep with in house technician service.

Why choose Domain & hosting for your Company’s website:

  1. Escalating the website load time

    A slow and sluggish website ruins the interest of user and makes them less likely to stay which increase the bounce rate of website. A good domain hosting prevents the loading time and give a better user experience to explore more. User will be pleased with the escalating load time and responsive action.

  2. Secure data

    If anything goes wrong during the operation, a professional web hosting platform protects your data and creates a back data for any bad circumstances. The backup data will re insert the information of your domain and help the company to rebuild the parameter again.

  3. Better security

    If your domain is hosted with a secure IP address and well preserved web hosting company that enable to HTTPS on your site. This offers more secure site called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) where sensitive information of your website is well protected. Any information which passes through your website is encrypted, so that no one can hack any information from your website about any personal or professional data.

  4. Ranking in SEO

    Domain hosting through a professional website hosting platform provide you an accurate and best possible search engine ranking even when the website is down or the site is slow due to any issue.

  5. A better support

    A better support is an important element to any business when it comes to web hosting. A team of web provider equipped with 24x7 supports along with other help to form your business online. A support team makes sure that the problems will short out quickly and website runs smoothly.