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MVC framework

MVC Framework

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller, is an architectural or software design patter that separate an application into three main logical components such...

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Mobility(Hybrid and native)

Mobility(Hybrid & Native)

Mobility is a service that provides you a satisfied marketing result through Mobile applications. Agree or not Mobile Apps are...

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Cloud server

Cloud Server

Cloud server is a virtual server, running in computing environment. It is built, hosted and delivered via cloud computing platform...

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Domain & hosting

Domain & Hosting

A service that allows any organization or any individuals to host a website onto internet called Domain hosting or Web hosting. We provide...

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Platform(Open Source)

Open source refers to something that can modify and share as is it accessible for everyone. It arises from software term which implied an approach towards...

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Open source platform

Payment Gateway's

Payment Gateway (PG) is an online payment tunnel that connects your bank account to that platform where you need to transfer your money...

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