E-mail & WhatsApp Marketing

‘Hitting the rod when it’s hot’ this idiom really suit the above written service E-Mail & WhatsApp Marketing. With the help of different online marketing platform like Google, you will get to know about their preferences and needs but to inform such services and products what you going to do? The answer is start E-mail marketing and turns your potential customers into regular and as well in WhatsApp marketing. One can hit the right group of customer at the right time is the best strategy ever in this specific marketing. At Blue Brain Technologies we develop the E-mail marketing segment, which is the perfect partner to brand your company with amazing benefits and reputation. We help you to serve the best product your customer need with the help of certain tools and strategies to uplift the brand value and increase the revenue of business.

Our E-mail & WhatsApp Marketing Service deliver such results:

  1. Wider Range of Customer

    As we all know WhatsApp and E-mail has billions of users around the globe. By sending short, engaging, attractive and informative messages to the user can add much more meaning to the organization. Through this strategy you will get in direct touch with customer on wired arch to promote your business.

  2. Accessible Everywhere

    E-mail can be accessible anywhere and have stored data there which can be open in any other device rather than mobile with the same dialect. Now, WhatsApp is the Application that can be access in almost every android phone or laptop or any other PC with the real time service, where sender can track the messages that has been seen or not.

  3. Easy to get started

    E-mail or WhatsApp marketing does not need any huge marketing team to get started or any other typical technical nous. It just take some time with fancy templates, logo, images, video, engaging and product driven content to set the floor for online marketing.

  4. Generate traffic to Site

    A great SEO driven content with the link of your website send to the user on E-mail or WhatsApp and user open the message to read and click on the link below and landed up to your website made up a count on generating traffic. This strategy also help to strengthen the SEO of your website.

  5. Low Cost Marketing

    Low Cost is the most benefiting element of E-mail and WhatsApp marketing compared to mainstream marketing. There is no cost for print or postage, not even paid in exchange for the exposure in a certain billboard, magazine or TV channel. This benefits the thousands of messages and mails at a time, which is far less than the other marketing channel.