Bulk E-mail/SMS

If you are looking for less in cost yet profitable marketing tactics, so Bulk E-mail/SMS are the key. You are spending thousands on outdoor advertisement although you have tight budget issue then switch your plan to Bulk E-Mail/SMS. This is the great way to reach thousand of clients and customers at the same time and also it’s easy to analyze. Unlike other visual marketing, bulk SMS marketing has highly target audience and you do not have to worry about the reach of messages because you are the one who has the full control on it. Marketers will decide that who will see what and when. In the time of WhatsApp you have one more advantage to take real time analysis. You can check who opened it or clicked it including its easy to manage and extremely cost-effective for your business to take a hype. At Blue Brain Technologies, our marketing strategic experts keeps an eye on your work always to avoid lacking in marketing strategies.

How Email/SMS drive your Business to the goal:

  1. Instant delivery

    Bulk Email/SMS marketing is one of the most beneficial aspects in business. It reaches the customer without any extra hustle. Its proven that text message does not take more than seven seconds to reach out to the recipients and Emails are the way of professionals which helps to carry images, video and also a link of your company rather than a simple text.

  2. Higher Readability

    Emails and SMS give you absolute readability. It proven that people read SMS/ Emails more than receiving a marketing calls. Sending a SMS/Email to you customer does not allow go to spam or any other place rather than their inbox, which gives you the absurdity that your message should be read.

  3. Create more traffic

    As mentioned before SMS/Emails have higher readability the conversion rate is also higher. You can simply attach the link of your company with the message you sent to your customer. A great engaging content will encourage your customer to go through the link to check out your website and increase your traffic.

  4. Low Cost Marketing

    Bulk SMS/Email marketing is rather cheap in price and can purchase very easily. There is no cost for print or postage, not even paid in exchange for the exposure in a certain billboard, magazine or TV channel. This benefits the thousands of messages and mails at a time, which is far less than the other marketing channel.

  5. Customization

    SMS/Email can be personalized too according to your need and requirements. You can add your name with your company’s name or any other things like buyer’s last behavior or add location or any other personal sculpted message that you want to forward to your customer.